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Tartine Coming to Seoul

The Seoul branch will be the very first overseas branch of Tartine, which the New York Times food critic Mark Bittman once called his “favorite bakery in the United States”.

Imjin River Classic Commemorates Korean War Hockey

In the bitter winter of 1952, Canadian soldiers stationed near the frozen Imjin River did what Canadians do whenever they have lots of ice and a little free time. They played hockey, eh.

Korea This Week: November 6th – 12th

Reading Together I came across this piece on how some groups are responding to declining rates of book readership in Korea. One company called Trevari organizes...

Korea This Week: October 30th – November 5th

Gordon Ramsay Shills for Cass In a new commercial for Cass beer, pitchman and respected chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay takes a large swallow of...

Korea This Week: October 23rd – 29th

Coffee, Newspaper, and a Face Lift? One of the things I love about Korea is how fast you can get certain things done. Repairmen often...

Defector Stories

It’s long been clear that these defectors’ tales link up, reference and corroborate each other, creating an undeniable picture of fear, starvation, brutality, and repression. Two such books are The Aquariums of Pyongyang and Nothing to Envy, which remain as arguably the two best defector books that you can read.

There, and Back (and There) Again

As I had recently moved away from Korea, my thoughts often drifted back unprovoked.

Korea This Week: October 9th – 15th

Along with the changing foliage and increased incidence of the word “chueo” ("[I'm] cold") on Korean streets, one of the telltale signs of fall around the peninsula is a pervasive smell that has often been likened to a melange of rancid butter, gym socks, and vomit.

Accidental Island

Surely Bijindo wasn’t the only island worth visiting. The hand of the universe seemed to be nudging me in another direction. Who was I to push back?

Korea This Week: October 2nd – 8th

In Korea this week: the effects of anti-bribery laws, how Korea spent Chuseok, and pot calls kettle plagiarist
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Defector Stories