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Tartine Coming to Seoul

The Seoul branch will be the very first overseas branch of Tartine, which the New York Times food critic Mark Bittman once called his “favorite bakery in the United States”.

There, and Back (and There) Again

As I had recently moved away from Korea, my thoughts often drifted back unprovoked.

Korea This Week: October 2nd – 8th

In Korea this week: the effects of anti-bribery laws, how Korea spent Chuseok, and pot calls kettle plagiarist

Korea This Week – September 25th – October 1st

No Kids Allowed An increasing number of cafes and restaurants around Korea have been closing their doors to young kids in recent years, in response...

Korea This Week: September 18 – 24

'The Flame War era' Last Friday, Kim Jong-un set the Merriam Webster Dictionary website ablaze when, in a rare public statement, he referred to US President...

Aberration or Innovation: Unpeeling the Costco Onion Salad

Any American or Canadian who has been to a Costco in Korea has witnessed what Koreans do with the onions. In the U.S. you turn the crank on...

“Korean Age”: Old Before My Time

  As an international traveler, you get used to the idea of various countries using different measures to refer to the same thing. The same...

The West’s Confucian Confusion: How More Confucianism Might Have Saved the...

Whenever a tragedy strikes Korea, many Western observers can't resist the urge to attribute it to Korean culture. This tendency owes much to Malcolm...
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