Suki Kim’s Warped Tour

  Book Review Without You There Is No Us, by Suki Kim Suki Kim’s excellent new memoir Without You, There Is No Us: My Year with the...

Interview with Lonely Planet Korea Author Rob Whyte

Anyone who travels and writes has at some point thought about being a travel writer. For most of us, that dream remains confined to...

Defector Stories

It’s long been clear that these defectors’ tales link up, reference and corroborate each other, creating an undeniable picture of fear, starvation, brutality, and repression. Two such books are The Aquariums of Pyongyang and Nothing to Envy, which remain as arguably the two best defector books that you can read.

George of the Jungle

If you travel around Southeast Asia these days, it’s hard to avoid the souvenir peddlers hawking bootleg copies of famous literary works about whatever country you...
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